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About Amber

As I joined Mary Kay over 10 years ago I couldn’t have imagined that my life would be what it was today. Prior to having my own children and working full time at a downtown job I had accepted life for what it was.  I really didn’t get that purchasing a starter kit and following my girlfriend into Mary Kay would forever change my life and my soul.  I am  100% confident that this business is what I will do forever.  I am also 100% confident that if you work Mary Kay like it can be worked you to will change your life forever.  Enjoy the shots of my journey! 

I graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my Bachelors of Science Majoring in Business with a Minor in  Marketing in 2001.  I went to work for a company in downtown Cincinnati.  I enjoyed working  downtown.  I felt confident in my plans to move up the corporate ladder. After 3 years I began to realize Corporate America wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.  My husband and I began to talk about starting a family.  During that same time my girlfriend had left her Stockbroker job and became a Mary Kay consultant. She was winning a car and shared the company information with me.  With no cosmetic experience and reluctance to be in sales I started my MK business to Try it out.  7 months later I had won my first car and became a Sales Director. I then left my full time job downtown and I have been at home ever since.  With my 19 year old step daughter Brooke, my 8 year old daughter Kendall, my 7 year old son Chase, and my baby boy Dawson (4) this business has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.  I make double what I used to make downtown.  I have won 7 cars in 9 years and I design my schedule to meet the needs of my life.  If you aren’t your own boss you can’t possibly have your dream job. This business takes effort and dedication.  It isn’t a get rich quick type thing. If you choose to work consistently you can have it all with Mary Kay. I have never done more than two selling  appointments a week to get me where I am today.


9 Years in Mary Kay Letter