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New Consultant Training

New Consultant Training INTRO-Watch this one FIRST!

HOMEWORK #1 – Organization, Time & Money Management

Class 1 Workbook

A. Enter 20 customers/ potential customers into your ‘My Customers’ at your site

B. Put together a small Dream Book.

a. Who you are

b. what you have gained or love about MK

c. where you are going aka YOUR GOAL

C. Print out and complete a Weekly Plan Sheet – Include…

a. Spiritual and Family time

b.your JOB

c.MK meeting

d.Mk appt. times

e.MK booking call times I can help you with this if you are struggling to fit it all in.


Weekly Plan Sheet Examples in Excel of a Directorship Life at the So far different stages of life I have been through.


HOMEWORK #2 – Booking, Coaching, Pre-Profiling- The Life Line of your Business…

Class 2 Workbook

A. Listen to the Audios Successful Conversations and Booking Gets it Coaching Keeps it – these are found in the training center under Audios

B. Vox Amber and practice your booking Script. Don’t feel weird everyone does it. AND we have a litte fun while we are at it.

C. Complete your FIRST Bubble Sheet and text or VOX a picture to Amber – This can be calling people to confirm them for your debut and booking while you are at it.

Bubble Sheet

Additional CSS Class

Add additional CSS class(es) for custom styling

HOMEWORK #3 – The Group Appointment, What to Pack, What to Say, and How To Work Full Circle…

Class 3 Workbook

Class 4 Workbook

A. Watch your recruiter or director do a Skin Care Class

B. Practice Your Individual Consultation outloud a few times

C. Print and laminate the Create A Roll-UP Bag set sheets for your table close

New Consultant Training The Masters Series…

Session 1: Dreams and Goals- What are your dreams?

Voxer Audios

Like a BOSS Session 1 Dreams & Goals





Gear Shift Google Hangout featuring ENSD Lia Carta Feb 9th for the full Revolution National Area: AMAZING!!!!!! Must watch!!!!!