What goes in a Hostess Packet
A hostess packet is given at the party to the soon to be hostess when you book the appointment. If you book a party over the phone- MAIL her a hostess packet. Don’t assume this isn’t important. A tangible hostess packet is critical. Emailing what she gets free is not enough!

  • Your current hostess promotion- Have one that you love!
  • “would you book for your hostess promo?” Remember she will book to help a friend or because she liked you but she will HOLD for what is in it for her.
    • Make it worth her time. Examples below…A hostess can earn up to $100 in free product or get $75 for $35 just for hostessing.
      • A Look Book or 2
      • Your Hostess Promo
      • A Marketing CD
      • Your Business Card
      • Outside Order Sheet – or 4-5 sales tickets
      • NOTE: Invitations should be sent by YOU after you have coached the class and get the addresses and phone numbers of those attending. Invitations are called Class reminder postcards and can be purchased on Section 2 at marykayintouch.com and you can send a Beaute E-Vite at your intouch site!